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In the Magazine: December 2019

In the Magazine: December 2019

Our December issue is filled with everything you need to have a safe and happy holiday season.

This December we're focused on the holidays and what they mean for your family, since the holidays look different for everyone. If you're staying in the city this season, you can make staying in seem like a luxury with six staycation spots we love throughout the city. If you're determined to have the most holiday fun ever, our calendar is chock-full of ideas for how to spend pretty much every day in December. And when it comes to giving and receiving, we've got your ultimate guide to regifting (yes, it can be done!), as well as expert tips on how to declutter your home to make room for the toys your kids will receive this year. We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season!


Your Holiday Guide

6 NYC Staycations Your Family Will Love

If your family wants to get away, but not too far away, check out these awesome destinations.


5 Do's and Don'ts of Regifting

It's not rude to regift–but you should take some precautions before giving an old gift to someone new.


Raising Kids

How to Decode Your Baby's Reflexes

Here’s the breakdown on baby’s baffling—but totally normal—built-in behaviors.


4 Ways to Keep Your Teen Close–While Letting Her Go

Even though your teen is gaining independence, you can keep him close with these four strategies.


5 Nanny Back-Up Options

Make sure you have one of these backup plans in place before your nanny can't come in!


Voices: Our Tragic Family Vacation Taught Me Gratitude

When Shana Liebman's vacation to Kenya threw her a curveball, her family's life was forever altered.


Family Life

6 Strategies for Decluttering Your Home

Cleaning your home out can be overwhelming, but we've got the tips to get the job done right.


How to Choose the Right Health Insurance for You

Decoding popular insurance options and what might be right for your family.


Things to Do

Holiday Fun in Manhattan

Check out these classic and trendy activities to do with your family this holiday season!


The December Calendar of Family-Friendly Activities

There's so much to do this month, you might have trouble picking each weekend!



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